Norm Abram Will Show You How to Build Anything

Norm Abram offers detailed plans for every project he has ever built of The New Yankee Workshop television program.

Norm Abram Will Show You How to Build Anything
Norm Abram plans and episodes for the New Yankee Workshop are available online

Have you ever watched an episode of The New Yankee Workshop and wondered how you can build something like that?

Yes, Norm Abram makes it look easy. But luckily, he can help you make your project turn out right.

Many of you may not be aware, but Norm Abram actually offers all of his plans for sale at a very reasonable price. What's more, he even allows you to stream all of the episodes of his famous television series online so you can not only reference the plans, but you can actually watch him explain how he's doing it.

Just visit which is the website where you can find all of this wonderful information. There'll you'll find everything you need to make that wooden item you've been thinking about building yourself.

I think we can all agree that Norm Abram is a great teacher, and he knows what he's doing. Many thanks to Norm Abram and PBS television for creating the New Yankee Workshop and for continuing to provide the materials to help others in their woodworking projects.