Norm Abram Biography, Family, Wife, Movies, Children, Age and Worth

A biography of Norm Abram.. his life, wife, family, work, age and net worth.

Norm Abram Biography, Family, Wife, Movies, Children, Age and Worth
Norm Abram biography

Norm Abram was born on October 3, 1949 in Rhode Island. He has become a national celebrity for his appearances on the popular PBS tv shows This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop, the latter of which he was the host.

He was raised in Massachussetts and studied electrical engineering and business administration in college. After he attained his degree, Norm Abram joined a New England based construction company and worked there for several years as a building supervisor. However, he had dreams of working for himself, and thus, in 1976, he founded his own contracting company.

A few years later, in 1979, Norm took on the construction of a backyard shed and workshop for a television producer. The producer, impressed with Norm Abram's skill and work habits, invited him to help in the renovation of a dilapidated Victorian home in Boston. It was to be the first of many episodes of the tv show, This Old House. Pleased with his work, Norm Abram was asked to appear as a regular on the show and has been an integral part since.

Based on the popularity of This Old House, PBS decided to create another show dedicated to do it yourselfers and construction. Given Norm's skill and popularity, he was asked to host the new show, which was called The New Yankee Workshop. As an interesting sidenote, the workshop in which that show was filmed is the very same workshop that Norm Abram had built for the producer many years prior. The New Yankee Workshop proved to be a great success and it aired for 21 seasons on the public network.

In addition to his television work, Norm Abram has authored 8 books about carpentry.

Norm had made quite a nice career for himself, which he enjoys with his wife Elise. The couple live in a colonial home in Massachussetts that Norm Abram built himself. Prior to his marriage to Elise, Norm was married to a woman named Laura. The couple had a daughter together named Lindsey.

Norm Abram has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million dollars. Despite some rumors, Norm Abram is alive and well.